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Posted by on Apr 16, 2013 in Search Engine Optimisation Perth, SEO Perth | 1 comment

The Top 10 Best FREE SEO Tools

The Top 10 Best FREE SEO Tools

  1. Perhaps the most crucial SEO tool is Google Analytics, which provides information about where your websites traffics coming from for any time segment. Most importantly, it has reports you can pull from to analyze the data its collected.
  2. Next would be Google Webmaster Tools. Here, you can see what keywords are leading people to your site, know the list of links to your site, review a sitemap and check the crawl rate of your site.
  3. Similar is Bing Webmaster Tools, which is the same as the above, but for Bing users. Bing is making its mark, and using SEO tools with Bing too, ensures that you are covering all your bases and optimizing your search engine capabilities to their fullest.
  4. Back to Google, Google AdWords Keywords Tool allows you to filter the results of keyword related terms by devices, country, language and category. This tells you a great deal about what keywords people are using in their searches.
  5. Google Trends is one of the best for keyword searches. You’ll see where most keyword searches are coming from and it also suggests related terms. This gives you an idea of what other keywords you may want to incorporate into your SEO campaign.
  6. MozBar is a plug-in extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, providing typical metrics like domain authority and page rank. These are vital tools that the free version contains and is extremely useful for any SEO needs.
  7. Another plug in extension is SEO Quake. This tool allows you to display different SEO parameters for any webpage. You get to set what constraints you want displayed and can even detail a list of domain names for which the toolbar will not be turned on.
  8. MozBar also offers Open Site Explorer that allows you to check and compare a website’s backlinks and link metrics for up to 5 websites. It is pop-up free and allows you to filter information by anchor text, top pages and linking domains.
  9. Another valuable tool is LinkChecker, which is another extension for Google’s Chrome and Firefox. Both extensions mechanically check the links on a webpage and show which ones are currently working, also opening up the possibility for link building.

10. Lastly, HubSpot Marketing Grader is a marketing tool that ranks your websites marketing effectiveness based upon over 30 different aspects. This is key for knowing how all the previously aforementioned tools are translating into real world success.



1 Comment

  1. There is a latest tag line I have seen on search engine land : There is NO SEO in NEW SEO

    It means the traditional SEO is not working with the day by day Google Updates, Google changed its algorithm and the old tactics wont work now.

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