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Posted by on Aug 7, 2013 in Top 10 websites | 0 comments

The top 10 best websites for kids

The top 10 best websites for kids

First on our list is Nick. It’s reasonable to suggest that it’s number one on the list. Not only does it feature plenty of kid-firendly activities on the site, but it also gets a lot of marketing via television.

Next we have PBSKids. PBSkids has been around for 20 years now, and has consistently been providing children with educational television. With the coming of the internet, they’ve also taken to making their own website for kids to further explore their little minds with educational games and activities.

Nick Jr. is third on the list. This site is directed towards the more younger audience than it’s pre-teen counterpart Nick.

Club Penguin is a kid-friendly role-playing site where kids can create their own penguin as their avatar to play games and socialize with other kids online.

Cartoon Network is another site that’s been around for awhile. It also gets most of its marketing from television and includes many games for kids to play.

Yahoo!Kids is the kid-friendly version of the Yahoo website. It allows kids to make their own account and has some games for them to play.

Best websites for kids

Poptropica is an online detective game for kids to play with others around the world. Users can compete with others around the world for a high score.

MoshiMonsters is a virtual pet game where users can adopt their own monster to care for and play games with.

Webkinz is a site that weaves together real life plush toys with a virtual universe. Kids can purchase real Webkinz plush toys and bring them to life in their virtual account to care for and play games with.

Stardoll is a site directed mainly towards girls. It mainly features a dress up game where girls can dress up a virtual doll with a variety of clothes.


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