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Posted by on Nov 8, 2013 in Video Production | 0 comments

Whiteboard Video Production Los Angeles

video editing workstationWhiteboard video production, a method of creating a [short] presentation using a dry erase board, drawings and novel video techniques is often used for advertising and to replace the usual and expected presentations consisting of a power point presentations, cartoons and brief video of actors. Storyboard preparations, lighting and shooting processes as well as editing techniques are important to consider when creating a whiteboard video. Framing and audio are important just as they are for any motion picture.

There is no more apt city to take on a new type of audiovisual presentation than white board video production companies in Los Angeles. Multiple companies offer assistance in making their customers’ videos pleasing and encouraging to a crowd through this novel and cost effective means of advertising. Independent firms have brought together sales and marketing professionals as well as video experts in the LA area in order to create teams with a vast array of knowledge. These teams collaborate with customers to bring their ideas to life through a process that evaluates the customer’s needs, sticks to consumer deadlines in this faced paced entertainment world and creates custom results designed to target their clients’ customers with engaging and aesthetically pleasing finished products. These companies also offer distribution assistance to get the video more views.

Whiteboard production videos, which involve the creative process from start to finish using storyboards, physical drawing, and cutting edge lighting, video and editing techniques are the next step in advertising coming straight out of the audiovisual entertainment capital of the world. The experts available in the combination of industries needed make the city of LA an ideal location to find the right team for a team of the highest caliber. Defining characteristics like a brand name and image, testimonials, step-by-step explanations, custom assistance and post production distribution make certain whiteboard video production companies stand out amongst the crowd.



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